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02- How can a company mitigate risks in new product development projects?
03- What is the #1 hurdle to cultivating the right innovation culture?
04- Stage-Gate in a nutshell.
05- Stage-Gate: the winning model or work in progress?
06- When is a company ready to adopt Stage-Gate?
07- How to unstick a stalled new product development process? Next Generation Stage-Gate.
08- A word on criticisms leveled at the Stage-Gate model.
09- Convincing the doubters: a case study of conversion to the Stage-Gate philosophy.
10- What role does portfolio management play in successful bold innovation?
11- How does Stage-Gate accommodate the Agile methodology?
12- What role do PPM* tools play in a successful new product development process?
*Product and Project Portfolio Management tools
13- A tale of two pumps: how building voice-of-customer in the NPD process can make the difference between success and failure.
14- The future of Stage-Gate.